This weeks improvements 🔥

Show notification when an email is invalid

We made an improvement in our lead profiles, teammates page, and sub-accounts page. We added a notification to be displayed whenever an email is invalid. So if you capture a lead email that is invalid we will highlight that on their profile and when you try to invite a teammate or sub-account with invalid email we will show the notification.

Add checkbox option to propose a different time for appointments

Previously, we displayed the option for your visitors to propose a different time. We have changed this so that you can enable and disable this option in the appointment object.

Pass variables through URL without email

Previously, we allowed you to pass variables through your URL but it required you to add an email address. We have updated this so now you can pass any variables without needing to add an email address.

Appointment email with no calendar connected

There was a bug causing the wrong notification to email to be sent when a visitor booked an appointment and suggested a different time. The notification would send "New Lead" email rather than "Appointment Requested". This has been fixed