Continually updates
Continually updates

New bot loading behaviour

We updated how our bots load to give your visitors the freedom to move throughout your site and still stay engaged in their conversations.

The problem was that a lead could be fully engaged with your bot or chatting with your team but could still be easily lost if they move to another page within your site that has no bot targeting the URL.

The visitor would go to the new URL expecting to continue their conversation but because there is no bot targeting that page, they have no way of accessing their past conversations.

What we changed ∴

We updated this so that when that lead moves to another page that doesn't have a bot targeting it, the widget will still be shown for their previous conversation.

This means visitors can move freely around your site and continue their past conversations on any page that has your embed code installed.

What if there is a second bot on the page they move to?

If your visitor engages with a bot and moves to another page on your site that has a different bot targeting the URL. The bot targeting that page will have priority and will load as expected.