Live chat early access updates 🎉

Close chats automatically

We added a new setting to our live chat app to help you keep control of your inbox without having to manually close each chat.

All you have to do is have the setting enabled and set time period set. Then any chats that haven't had a response in that time period will be automatically closed.

Please note, as soon as you enable this setting it will close any chats without a response in the time period straight away.


Private notes

No need to leave Continually to leave a message for your team mate. You can now leave private notes for your team mates to see in the conversation. These private notes will not been seen by your visitor.

All you have to do to leave a private note is open the chat in your inbox you wish to leave a note on, then click on the private note tab to switch your message field over.


Refine typing animation

We heard feedback from you guys and previously our typing indicator was quite distracting. It was constantly refreshing and would make the messages jump around.

We fixed that by changing the design of the typing indicator and putting it below the message field. This way it does not distrupt the message timeline.

Combined Shape.png