Live chat early access updates

Team assigning

We added a new feature that lets you assign yourself or team mates to a chat. This way you can easily see what chats need your attention and which don't. This also means you won't get all the notifications for messages in chats assigned to another team mate.

This new feature has repurposed the team mates avatar in the inbox and also gives you the option to filter your inbox.


Hide automated responses from live chat inbox

Previously we were showing the last message sent in your inbox, this included the automated response. This wasn't helpful as you can't quickly see the live chat message from the visitor. So we have updated it now to only show the live chat message.

Add name of teammate to inbox

At the start of the live chat message in your inbox we now show the name of the person who sent the last message so it should look like "Paul: Hey how can I help". This helps you quickly scan to see who sent the message.