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Continually updates

Conditional logic & targeting for appointments 📆





Don't want customers double-booking appointments? Now you can tailor your bots and conversations to check whether a visitor has already booked an appointment with our new appointment rule!

Conditional logic

You can add a conditional logic object at any point in your conversation and add our new appointment rule. This means you can direct customers away from any appointment questions if they already have an existing meeting!

  1. Add the conditional logic object
  2. Select the appointment rule
  3. Set the condition to Is booked

This means if the customer has booked an appointment they will be taken down the true path!



Maybe you have a bot dedicated to booking appointments that you like to appear for new visitors? Well, now you can tailor the targeting on that bot further to only show to customers who have not yet booked an appointment!

  1. Select the appointment rule
  2. Set the condition to Is not booked
  3. Publish your bot!