Continually updates
Continually updates

Closing conversations

We have added a new range of features around closing conversations to help you manage your live chat inbox. All these new features will be controlled on our new closing conversations page.

How to close conversations

There are 3 ways the status of a conversation can be set to closed:

  • Visitor reaches the end of a bot conversation
  • Closing the conversation in your live chat inbox
  • Automatically closing after X amount of time since last response

Sidebar settings

We added a range of sidebar settings to help you manage when you want to speak with your visitors.

  • Hide closed conversations from sidebar
  • Disable live chat field after conversation is closed
  • Show notification after conversation is closed

All of these things control your visitors experience with your bots and live chat.


Visitor closing chat

We also added the option for your visitor to manage their conversations on your sidebar by allowing them to close chats directly on the home screen

What happens in live chat inbox?

When a visitor closes the chat the status will be updated and moved to the closed folder.