Continually updates
Continually updates

Bug fixes & updates





Duplicating bots to sub-accounts

We updated the dropdown list to show the company name of the sub-account rather than the team members' names.

Updated preview in bot builder

We updated our preview to more accurately represent how the sidebar will appear on your site.

Set the max number of choices on a multiple-choice question

You can now limit the number of options your visitors can select for the multi-select option on a multiple-choice question.

Change font color on the multiple-choice object

We updated the font color on our multiple-choice object inside the bot builder to make the answers more legible.

Fix restart object in bot builder

We fixed a bug that was causing both formats for the button to be displayed on the object when viewing your canvas.

Error uploading an audio file

We fixed a bug that was causing an error when trying to upload a file to the audio file object.