Continually updates
Continually updates

Bug fixes and updates

Mobile app font size

We added a new setting on our Andriod and IOS app that allows you to select the font size for the messages in your live chat inbox. Go to the settings within the app and select your preferred size.

Attach conversation timeline to the team notification email

You can use a team notification object to send out an email to alert your team when a visitor reaches a specific point in the conversation. We updated this email to include the message timeline so you could see what the lead has said up until this point.

Only receive notifications for your appointments

We have updated our email notification settings so that you now only receive emails for the appointments for which you have been selected for. This means you will no longer receive emails for appointments booked with other members of your team.

Save appointment info in a custom variable

There was an issue when trying to store appointment details in a custom variable as it would only store the English version even though the localization settings have been translated. This has been updated and you can now store the localized data.

Save URL from file upload in a custom variable

Previously when trying to save a file upload into a custom variable, we would store "File uploaded" rather than the URL for the file which they uploaded. This has been updated to now store the URL.

Unable to load a picture for the widget

There was a bug that was preventing an uploaded image to your welcome message from loading in the preview. This has been fixed and should work as expected.