Bug fixes and updates

Emojis not displaying in the text field

When editing an object in the bot builder, there was a bug that was preventing emojis from being displayed in the text area after selecting one from the dropdown. This has been fixed and should appear as expected.

Quick replies widget

There was an issue with our quick replies widget layout breaking when the options on the multiple-choice question were too long. This has been fixed.

Adjusting columns on leads page

Previously, you could customize the columns displayed on your leads page and then save your changes. The problem was that these changes would not appear until the page has been refreshed. This has been fixed and columns will appear after saving.

Audio file object

If your conversation contains more than one audio file, we have fixed this so that your visitors can only play one audio file at a time.

Add border to fields in focus

To make answer fields more noticeable we added a black border to the field when they are in focus.

Active visitors list

In the active visitors' list, there was a bug that was causing visitors who visited more than 24 hours ago to still appear on that list. This has been fixed and only visitors from the last 24 hours will appear here.