Bug fixes and updates

Store typed responses on live chat

Previously, when you type out a response to a lead but move to another chat before sending that message, you would lose it one you returned. We have updated this so that when you type out a response and don't send it, it will remain their until you either send or remove it.

Live chat message email

Previously our live chat email notification could create a lot of noise in your inbox as a new email could be sent for each new live chat message. We have updated this so you get an email for the first message straight away and then any follow up live chat messages will be batched together in one email. This will reduce the noise of multiple emails but also still give you an instant notification for you to respond to your leads quickly.

IOS notifications

PReviously when the Continually live chat app was running in the foreground, The notifications would not be appearing. We have fixed this so the notifications appear when Continually is running in the foreground and in the background.

Re-align the leads columns

There was a bug that was causing our leads columns to misaligned from their labels. We have fixed this and they should be aligned as expected.

Appointment question on bot preview

There was an issue with our appointment question not displaying correctly on the bot builder preview (not live bots). This issue has been fixed and should appear as expected.

Conditional logic not matching variables

There was a bug that prevented conditional logic from matching a variable when that variable contained a special symbol like รค. This has been fixed and should work as expected.