Bug fixes and updates

Add delay on the appointment confirmation email

Previously, when an appointment was made with a customer, we would trigger an appointment email straight away. The problem was if you used variables in your confirmation email, there was not enough time to get the stored answers. So we added a slight delay to give enough time to get the answers stored in any variables used.

Fallback answers in variables not showing in preview

When there is no answer stored for a variable we will display your set fallback answer. The problem was that there was a bug that was preventing any fallback answers from being shown in the preview. This has been fixed and fallback answers should appear as expected.

Encode symbols in the confirmation and reminder email subjects

There was a bug that was preventing the symbols äöü to be added to the appointment email subjects. This has been fixed.

External API - Store answer in variable option missing

There was a bug with our External API object that was hiding the option to store the answer in a variable. This has been fixed and the option will now be available.

Quick replies preview

There was an issue with the preview for the quick replies widget when using a multiple-choice object. The preview would require you to select an answer on the widget then select the answer again for a second time once the sidebar had opened. This has been fixed and should work after selecting an answer once.