Bug fixes and updates

Numeric values in link objects

There was a bug when trying to use a variable that contained only numeric values in a link to content object. The variable value would be empty rather than showing the stored value. This has been fixed.

Unable to delete lead

There was a bug that was preventing leads from being deleted. The conversations could be deleted but the lead profile would always remain. This has been updated and leads can be deleted as expected.

One option for US in the country dropdown

When creating a targeting rule for the leads country, when selecting the country there were 2 options for the United States. This has been updated to only show 1 option.

Live chat status tooltip

There was an issue without live chat status tooltip overlapping with the status dropdown options. This has been fixed.

Sending links through live chat

There was a bug that was sending broken embedded youtube videos rather than sending the standard link preview. This has been fixed and links will appear as normal.