Bug fixes and updates

Add appointment restrictions to rescheduling page

Recently we added a rescheduling page that you can send to your customers to let them re-book a meeting. The issue was that the rescheduling page did not have the same restrictions as the appointment object that they originally booked the meeting on. We have updated this so the restrictions that are applied to the appointment object will be carried over to the rescheduling page.

Uneditable multiple-choice objects

There was a bug that was causing some multiple-choice objects to become uneditable and would not open the editing modal when clicked. This issue has been fixed and should work as expected.

Landing page fixes

Previously, when you changed your Continually sub-domain the links on the landing pages page would not be updated until you refreshed the page. This was causing an error to be shown when trying to open these links. This has been updated so all links will be updated after saving your sub-domain

We also fixed the font-weight and spacing on the header of our full-screen bot format.