Bug fixes and updates

Appointment object bug

There was a bug that caused an issue on the editing modal of the appointment object. This issue was caused by a teammate when a sender who had their calendar connected changed the sender to a teammate who did not. We fixed this and now you are able to select any sender whether they have their calendar connected or not.

Wrong font used in certain points

We offer you the option to use MundoSans font or Robotto on your sidebar (This can be controlled in your sidebar settings page). We noticed a few places where the font's where overlapping and MundoSans was being used when the chosen font was Robotto. We fixed this and there will only be 1 font used across your sidebar.

Automatically capture phone instead of email

In live chat we allow you to automatically capture lead information once they leave a live chat message. Previously the only option was to capture the leads email address but now you can capture a phone number.