Bug fixes and updates

Live chat app lead section

We updated the UI on our live chat app to improve our lead section:

  • Adjusted the height and spacing on the lead section
  • Moved the lead source to the top of the lead section
  • Moved the IP address from the lead source

Remove content preview from inline messages

We received your feedback about inline content links not displaying correctly in an inline message. We updated this feature so we only send content previews for messages that contain only the URL and no additional text.

Number of seats left indicator

We updated our getting-started page, team members setting page and our sub-accounts page so that each of them show how many available seats you have to invite your team.

Appearance preview bug

There was a bug on the bots page. This was causing the placeholder text on the appearance section to be hidden. We have updated this and your widget should look as expected.

Save button not active

There was a bug one of the sidebar settings pages causing the save button not to become active once a change had been made. This has been fixed and you will be able to save any changes you make.