Bug fixes and updates

Save button appears when nothing has changed

There was a bug on the widget settings appearance page that was causing the save button to appear without any changes being made. This has since been updated.

Image object layout broken

There was a bug causing the layout to be broken on the edit modal of the image object. This has been fixed and should appear as normal

Live chat conversation on lead profile

There was a bug that would occur when more than 1 teammate joined a live chat conversation. The issue was on the lead profile page, the messages would not show the correct teammate who sent the message. This has been fixed and the message timeline will accurately show who sent which messages.

Side bar preview not showing the correct color

When changing the color of your sidebar in your settings, there would be an issue with the preview not displaying the correct color once you switched to the conversation view. This has been fixed and the color should accurately be displayed in the preview.