Continually updates
Continually updates

Bug fixes & updates





  • We fixed a bug that was preventing team notification objects from working in Slack
  • We fixed a bug that was causing the team notification to be repeated 5 times
  • We fixed a bug that was causing IOS notifications to be doubled
  • We removed the </br> tag from the browser notifications
  • We added a switch for team notifications to the live chat mobile app


  • We fixed a bug that was causing the lead export to get stuck
  • We fixed an issue that was breaking the layout of lead profiles on mobile
  • We updated the styling on the sort arrows for the activity timeline
  • We now truncate URL's displayed in the header of each conversation on the lead profiles


  • We removed an accidental </br> tag from live chat commands
  • We fixed the styling on time options on the calendar object
  • We fixed a bug that was preventing the round-up reports from being sent when leads are not captured on the set working days
  • We fixed the Hubspot layout on the apps page
  • Conditional logic didn't match the symbol ' when getting a value from Google sheets.

Change the label "Lead" ✏️




Don't like using the term "Leads" for your customers?

Well now you can update your dashboard labels to whatever you want:

  • Users
  • Customers
  • Whatever you like!

Head over to your company settings and add the single and plural form of your preferred term!


Message widget 🎨




We updated our message widget to not have a set width. This means no matter how short your message, the width will adjust to fit with the text.


Slack preferences ⚙️




Our Slack preferences were divided into separate pages for live chat and for notification settings.

We have combined them so all settings related to Slack are on one page .

Check it our for yourself by visiting your Apps page and click on Slack preferences.


Manage custom fields 🔥




You can now mange your custom fields without having to go into the bot builder!

Just head over to your Bots page and click on the @ symbol to open up your custom field panel.


Bug fixes & updates




Unable to upload profile picture

We fixed a bug that was preventing you from uploading and saving a new profile.

Unable to open bot builder

We fixed a bug that was preventing a small number of users from opening the bot builder.

Zapier error

There was an issue that was sending multiple errors to Zapier which would turn off the Continually Zap.

Unable to download lead export

We fixed a bug that was preventing the lead export file from being downloaded

Salesforce error

We fixed an bug that was occurring when trying to send a lead to Salesforce

Saved reply error

We fixed a bug that was forcing an error message to be shown when trying to create a saved reply when using Firefox.

Activity timeline




We tidied up our activity timeline and added 3 levels of indentation to help make it easier for you to read:

  • Date
  • Page visited
  • Bot activity

We also added the option to reverse the order of your timeline.


Whats next?

Our next goal with the timeline is to track more events, so if you have any suggestions or things you would like to see on the timeline, please leave a suggestion on our roadmap.

Live chat mobile app




Custom field

Tap on the @ symbol then select a custom field to add it to your message field


Tap on the 📎 symbol then select the file you want to attach to your message


Tap on the 🏷 symbol and then add a tag to the visitors profile


You can try our app out for yourself by downloading it on IOS or Android!

Browser & OS info 🖥




We added new fields on the lead source section to show your visitors browser and OS information!

Check it out for yourself in the live chat inbox!


Bug fixes & updates




Live chat search not working

There was an issue with our live chat inbox search option always displaying 0 results. This has been fixed and the search option should now return the correct results.

Calendar object color

Our calendar object was coloring the available options in green rather than your set message color. This has been fixed and the calendar options should now inherit your chosen message color.

Custom fields missing in Google sheets object

In the Google sheets object when selecting a value to send to Google sheets, some custom fields were not available in the dropdown menu. This has been fixed and all custom fields should be available.

Bots crashing

There was a bug with one of our objects forcing an error to be displayed on the bots page. This has been fixed.

Inviting new agents to team error

When an invited agent accepted their invitational email, rather than taking them to the account creation steps, an error would of been shown. This bug has been fixed and new agents will be able to create their accounts as expected.