Conditional logic - Lead tags 🏷

Use conditional logic and tags to always direct your customers down relevant paths of your bot's conversation.

We have added a new rule that lets you set the condition based on what lead tags have been assigned to your customers!

How do I add a tag to a lead?

You can add a lead tag object and any time a customer reaches that object in the conversation the tag will be applied.


You can manually apply a tag by visiting a leads profile and clicking on + Add lead tag

How do I use conditional logic and lead tags?

Once you have your lead tag objects set up in your conversations, you can then add a conditional logic object and select the new rule Lead tags

Then select what tags you want that lead to have from the dropdown. Simple.


Team member roles - Chat user

Looking to invite some of your team to use Continually's live chat but don't want to give them access to all your bots? Now you can with the new role - Chat user

What access does a chat user have?

A chat user will have full access to the live chat inbox, the leads page and their settings page.

They will not be able to access any of the company settings or the bots page.

How do I set the team member role?

When inviting a team member to join Continually you can select the role you are inviting them to.

You can also set the role through your team members' settings page by selecting their profile and updating the role from the dropdown.

Can you change the role at any point?

Yes. If you go to your team members' settings page and then click on any of the profiles in your list, you will then be able to select a role from the dropdown.


Calendar page tabs πŸ“†

We have updated our calendar page to help make it easier for you to find the information you are looking for quickly.

With more and more features being added to our calendar settings page it was getting quite long and difficult to scan through.

To help divide the content of this page up, we split it into separate tabs that are at the top of the page. Simply click the tab to view all the relevant information!

Aug-07-2020 16-30-28.gif

Bug fixes and updates

Start new conversation icon

On the home screen of the sidebar we have an optional button that lets your visitors start new live chat conversation. There was a bug that was preventing the icon on this button from loading. This has been updated and should appear as normal.

Calendar rescheduling page preview

On your calendar settings page, we have a section to customize your appointment email invites. At the bottom of this section, we have links that show you a preview of the calendar rescheduling page and the canceling page. There was a bug preventing these images from loading. We have fixed these images and the previews should work as expected.

Mailing app variable control & list dectivation

We added some new functionality across all our mailing integrations!

Variable controls

We added a new set of controls that allows you to control when you send data for the system variables. In the variable mapping section of your apps settings, you will see a new column called Send data simply choose an option from the dropdown. You can choose between:

  • Always
  • Never
  • When the field is empty


Deactivate lists

We also added a new setting that lets you de-activate a list! This means you can stop sending data to that list for a period of time and then re-activate it when you want without having to delete the list and set it up again. To do this, go to the preferences page on your mailing app and then click the Deactivate list option.

Combined Shape.png

Customise emails sent to leads βœ‰οΈ

Using your bot to schedule meetings? We send email notifications to your leads to let them know their appointment has been confirmed and we also send a reminder 1 hour before their appointment. As well as being able to disable these notifications, you can now edit these emails and customize them to your liking!

Simply visit your calendar settings page and then click the appointment emails tab and begin editing!


Full screen landing page on mobile

There was some spacing issue with our full-screen landing page when viewing it on mobile. We found that on smaller devices too much space was getting used for the header and other areas.

Here are some of the changes we made to try and give more space to the message timeline:

  • Decreased padding on the header
  • Reduced the font size on the header text
  • Increased the size of the message section by removing space below the header and below the live chat input.

We also fixed an issue where invisible space was being taken up when the header was not enabled.


Lead profile tidy up - Mobile πŸ“±

We received a lot of feedback from your guys on our lead profile page on mobile and we knew there was room for improvement πŸ™

The feedback was consistent about there being too much information to scroll through and it was difficult to find the information you wnated quickly. So along side the other changes we made on desktop, we updated this page on mobile to use 3 tabs to filter between the three sections of the leads page.

  • Lead info
  • Conversation
  • Lead source

This helps shorten the height of the page and separates out the information on the page to make it easier to quickly find what you are looking for!


Lead profile tidy up - Desktop πŸ–₯

We made some nice improvements to our lead profile page to help make it easier to scan and get the information you need quickly.

Edit profile

Previously we displayed all the available fields that you could add data to for your lead's profile. We have updated this to hide any fields that do not contain data and added an edit button that you can click to reveal all the available fields. This helps make the information easier to read quickly and only shows you the relevant information you have.

Conversation timestamp

We changed the timestamp for each conversation to be displayed as the time since the conversation for example: 1 day ago this makes it easier to read and then to get the specific date just hover on that timestamp to reveal the exact time and date.

Block user button

We now just display one button for the block user options. Simply click on the button to reveal the dropdown of your options to block ID or IP address.

Column sizing

We also adjusted the pages column sizing to better suit large screens.


Live chat - closing chats πŸ‘Š

We made some awesome improvements to both our web app and our mobile app to help make closing chats much easier!

Mobile app

Previously to close a chat on the mobile app, you would need to select the chat then hit the options icon, then select close conversation… Now you can do it straight from your inbox!

Simply slide the chat from left to right to reveal the close option, then tap close and you're done!


Web app

The same problem occurred in the web application where you would have to select the chat then click the close button. Now you can simply hover over the chat you want to close, then click on the close option!

Jul-24-2020 13-06-39.gif