Remove Continually branding! ๐Ÿ”ฅ

We have updated our Essentials plan to now allow you to remove the Continually branding! Upgrade now starting from $17 a month!

You can remove our branding across:

  • Notification emails
  • Widget
  • Sidebar
  • Landing pages

Upgrade now โ†’

Group Copy.png

Please note that the Essentials plan does not allow you to upload your own custom branding. For custom branding, you will need to upgrade to the Business plan

See all our pricing plans โ†’

Set limit on sub account's seats โšก๏ธ

You can now control the number of teammates your sub-accounts are able to add by setting a seat limit!

How to set seat limit

  1. Go to your sub-account settings
  2. Find the sub-account you want to set the limit on and click View sub-account
  3. Set the number of seats you want to allocate to this sub-account


Target visitors by last seen ๐Ÿ‘€

Looking to target visitors based on when they last visited your site? Now you can with our new Last seen targeting rule!

  1. Simply select the Last seen rule
  2. Set the condition you want e.g Before, From, After, Between, Is not between
  3. Then select the dates from the dropdown

Then when we go to load your bot, we check when your visitor last visited, to see if they match your set rule!


Bug fixes and updates

Emojis not displaying in the text field

When editing an object in the bot builder, there was a bug that was preventing emojis from being displayed in the text area after selecting one from the dropdown. This has been fixed and should appear as expected.

Quick replies widget

There was an issue with our quick replies widget layout breaking when the options on the multiple-choice question were too long. This has been fixed.

Adjusting columns on leads page

Previously, you could customize the columns displayed on your leads page and then save your changes. The problem was that these changes would not appear until the page has been refreshed. This has been fixed and columns will appear after saving.

Audio file object

If your conversation contains more than one audio file, we have fixed this so that your visitors can only play one audio file at a time.

Add border to fields in focus

To make answer fields more noticeable we added a black border to the field when they are in focus.

Active visitors list

In the active visitors' list, there was a bug that was causing visitors who visited more than 24 hours ago to still appear on that list. This has been fixed and only visitors from the last 24 hours will appear here.

Send audio files with your bot ๐Ÿ”ˆ

Looking to send audio files to your customers? Now you can with our new Audio file object.

You can add the object anywhere in your conversation and upload your own audio files or add a URL. When your customer reaches this point in the conversation they can play the audio file directly in the side bar!


Add tags from your live chat inbox ๐Ÿท

We heard your feedback and added a lead tags section in the live chat inbox!

Where can I find the new lead tags section?

  1. Go to your live chat inbox
  2. Select a chat and expand the lead details section on the right
  3. Under Custom variables, open the tags section


Where else can I find lead tags?

We have a tagging object that you can add throughout your bot's conversation. Once the visitor reaches that object the selected tag will be added to their profile.

What can I do with tags?

Tags help you quickly filter your leads to only see the leads you want. You can also use tags with conditional logic in your conversation so the conversation stays relevant to them!

Quick replies widget โšก๏ธ

We updated the design of our quick replies widget when using a multiple-choice question!

We heard your feedback on our quick replies widget and updated the design to use the format selected for your multiple-choice object on your widget! Which are:


How to set up quick replies widget

  1. Add multiple choice object to your canvas
  2. Hover over the multiple-choice object and click the start icon to set it as the starting object
  3. Go to the Appearance section and select quick replies format

Sep-23-2020 12-13-34.gif

Bug fixes and updates

Apostrophes in conditional logic

There was an issue with our conditional logic when trying to use a variable that contained an apostrophe '. The rules would be rendered as false. This has been fixed and should work as expected.

Youtube video containing parameters

When adding a youtube link to your video object, if the URL contained parameters, the video would not be displayed. This has been fixed and should work as expected.

Set variables value object

We fixed a small bug where hitting enter after typing the value would remove the entry field.

Update calendar settings page

We also updated our calendar settings page to help make it easier to use. We removed the tabs for each section and added a sticky nav to help you quickly find the information you want.

Add values to your custom variables during the conversation ๐Ÿ”ฅ

We have added a new Set variable values object! This lets you update variables during your conversation without having to capture the data from the lead!

How does it work?

You select the variables you want to update, then you add the values that you want to update it with.

Then once a visitor reaches the object in your conversation, the variables will be updated and nothing will be shown to your visitor!

Sep-16-2020 17-07-01.gif

Bug fixes and updates

Store typed responses on live chat

Previously, when you type out a response to a lead but move to another chat before sending that message, you would lose it one you returned. We have updated this so that when you type out a response and don't send it, it will remain their until you either send or remove it.

Live chat message email

Previously our live chat email notification could create a lot of noise in your inbox as a new email could be sent for each new live chat message. We have updated this so you get an email for the first message straight away and then any follow up live chat messages will be batched together in one email. This will reduce the noise of multiple emails but also still give you an instant notification for you to respond to your leads quickly.

IOS notifications

PReviously when the Continually live chat app was running in the foreground, The notifications would not be appearing. We have fixed this so the notifications appear when Continually is running in the foreground and in the background.

Re-align the leads columns

There was a bug that was causing our leads columns to misaligned from their labels. We have fixed this and they should be aligned as expected.

Appointment question on bot preview

There was an issue with our appointment question not displaying correctly on the bot builder preview (not live bots). This issue has been fixed and should appear as expected.

Conditional logic not matching variables

There was a bug that prevented conditional logic from matching a variable when that variable contained a special symbol like รค. This has been fixed and should work as expected.