A new look for our objects ๐Ÿ˜Ž

This week we give each of our objects some improvements, we changed the styling on all the messages by removing the border and drop shadow so your conversation looks clean and elegant. We also increased the contrast on the text to improve accessibility standards!


New multiple-choice object

Along with all these styling changes, our multiple-choice object got a whole new format! We removed the option to display vertical or horizontal and replaced it with 3 options:

  • List
  • Buttons
  • Multiple choice

May-27-2020 09-20-06.gif

The problem was when displaying the options horizontally, you could only fit in small amounts of text. The new buttons format wraps each of your answers so your answers are not restricted in length!


New switches on the editing modals

As well as updating how each of the objects looks in the conversation, we also tidied up our editing modals. We removed all the small checkbox options and replaced them with switches.

Screenshot 2020-05-27 at 09.31.22.png

Target page views & countries! ๐ŸŒŽ

Target visitors based on their country

When it comes to conversational marketing; personalizing the experience for your visitors comes first. With the ability to target visitors from certain countries you have the ability to customize your bot's behavior to suit those visitors, you can use it as well to reflect different services you provide in each different country.

We use the visitor's IP address to get their location. From this, you can set targeting rules based on the visitors country and determine when you show your bots.

Find out how to add rules to target specific countries โ†’

Group 10.png

Target specific page views

We added an additional rule for page views to give you even more control over when you display your bot. Previously, we had 1 rule that would count page views across all of your site. This new rule lets to set a rule for page views on a specific page.

Find out how to target specific pagesโ†’

Group 11.png

Bug fixes and updates

Add appointment restrictions to rescheduling page

Recently we added a rescheduling page that you can send to your customers to let them re-book a meeting. The issue was that the rescheduling page did not have the same restrictions as the appointment object that they originally booked the meeting on. We have updated this so the restrictions that are applied to the appointment object will be carried over to the rescheduling page.

Uneditable multiple-choice objects

There was a bug that was causing some multiple-choice objects to become uneditable and would not open the editing modal when clicked. This issue has been fixed and should work as expected.

Landing page fixes

Previously, when you changed your Continually sub-domain the links on the landing pages page would not be updated until you refreshed the page. This was causing an error to be shown when trying to open these links. This has been updated so all links will be updated after saving your sub-domain

We also fixed the font-weight and spacing on the header of our full-screen bot format.

See your customers journey ๐Ÿ‘€

We have updated our lead profile to now show you which pages your visitors have visited on your site.

To check it out you can head over to your leads page and view the profile of any new leads that have arrived in the past week.

Scroll down to the activity section and you will see timestamps of all the pages your customer has visited and when they started using your bot.


Please note that we can only track pages that have your embed code installed

Send leads directly to AWeber โœ‰๏ธ

Want to synchronize your captured leads in Continually to your mailing list on AWeber? Now you can connect Continually to AWeber directly. You can send over all leads or leads from a certain bot to any list you have in AWeber!

How to connect Continually to AWeber

  1. Simply, go to your Apps page and find the AWeber app
  2. Click on connect and then fill in your AWeber credentials and authorize your account
  3. Next, you will have to sync your first list and you can choose to sync all your bots or select specific ones to send to leads to AWeber.


Find out more information like:

  • Syncing a second list
  • Mapping Continually variables
  • Syncing previously created leads with AWeber

By checking out to our help guide โ†’

Automatically restart chats โ†ฉ๏ธ

We made some changes to our closing message object. Firstly, we renamed this object to Restart chat!

We added a new format option that allows you to route your customers back to the beginning of your conversation automatically! This means they don't have to make any choices and will automatically restart the conversation when reaching this object


We also updated the styling of the current format and how this appears to your customers to make it look more conversational and fit with better with the other objects.


Bug fixes and updates

Rounded multiple-choice object

Previously, when using the rounded messages in your sidebar, the lines that separate your multiple choice answers would not be displayed correctly. This has been updated and the lines should now reach the full width of the object.

Save notification displayed on calendar settings

We fixed a bug causing the save notification to be displayed when you visit your calendar settings page without making changes.

Improve welcome message on mobile

On mobile, we place the avatar on the welcome message above the message to allow more width for the message. We updated the position of the avatar slightly to make it align better with the welcome message.

Fix standard button on internet explorer

We fixed a bug that was causing the icon on our standard button to be stretched on internet explorer.

Live chat field in Firefox

The live chat message field was being displayed taller in Firefox. We have updated this and it should appear as expected like all other browsers.

Color field on landing page editor

There was an issue with the color field on the landing page editor not working. This has been fixed.

Default page tooltip

On the landing pages, there was an issue with the default page tooltip getting cut off by the list's container.

Landing page preview on getting started

We fixed a bug that was causing the landing page preview on the getting started page to not display a screenshot of your page.

Sync your leads to Campaign monitor โœ‰๏ธ

You can now connect your Campaign Monitor account with Continually to automatically sync any leads you capture with your bots to your mailing lists!

Try it for yourself.

Sign into Continually and visit your apps page then find the Campaign Monitor integration and click connect.

Next, you will need to sign into Campaign Monitor account

Then once you have signed in and authorized your account you can choose which bots you want to send leads and specify each list you want them to be assigned to.

You can also map all your Conintually variables to your Campaign Monitor variables in your preferences!


Find out more on our help docs โ†’

Bug fixes and updates โšก๏ธ

Delete lead button opening profile

We fixed a bug that was causing the lead profile to open after clicking on the delete icon, rather than giving you the option to delete.

Close emoji menu

We added a small improvement to our emoji picker inside the bot builder. The menu will now close when you click outside of the menu rather than having to choose an emoji to close it.

Don't show deleted conversation

Previously, if you deleted a leads profile, that lead would be shown an error message if they tried to go back and revisit their conversation. We have updated this so that it removes the conversation from the visitor and does not show an error.

Safari automatic zoom broken

There is an issue in Safari that makes your sidebar zoom in when the input field font size is less than 16px. So we updated our inputs to all be displayed at 16px in safari to prevent this issue.

Use company names for sub-accounts

In the profile dropdown, as an admin, you have the option to switch to any of your sub-accounts. Previously we used the sub-account user's name in the dropdown but we have updated this to show the company name.

View all variables on smaller screens

We fixed a styling issue that was causing the text on the variables button to overlap when viewed on smaller screens.

Track your Continually page with Google Analytics ๐Ÿ–ฅ

Looking to see how your Continually page is performing? You can now connect Google Analytics with your Continually landing page.

Try it yourself

To start tracking your page you will need your own Google Analytics account.

  1. Go to your landing page editor
  2. Click on the settings tab
  3. Enter your Google Analytics tracking code and hit save


Not sure where to find your tracking ID? Here's a helpful walkthroughโ†’