Quick replies widget ⚑️

We updated the design of our quick replies widget when using a multiple-choice question!

We heard your feedback on our quick replies widget and updated the design to use the format selected for your multiple-choice object on your widget! Which are:


How to set up quick replies widget

  1. Add multiple choice object to your canvas
  2. Hover over the multiple-choice object and click the start icon to set it as the starting object
  3. Go to the Appearance section and select quick replies format

Sep-23-2020 12-13-34.gif

Bug fixes and updates

Apostrophes in conditional logic

There was an issue with our conditional logic when trying to use a variable that contained an apostrophe '. The rules would be rendered as false. This has been fixed and should work as expected.

Youtube video containing parameters

When adding a youtube link to your video object, if the URL contained parameters, the video would not be displayed. This has been fixed and should work as expected.

Set variables value object

We fixed a small bug where hitting enter after typing the value would remove the entry field.

Update calendar settings page

We also updated our calendar settings page to help make it easier to use. We removed the tabs for each section and added a sticky nav to help you quickly find the information you want.

Add values to your custom variables during the conversation πŸ”₯

We have added a new Set variable values object! This lets you update variables during your conversation without having to capture the data from the lead!

How does it work?

You select the variables you want to update, then you add the values that you want to update it with.

Then once a visitor reaches the object in your conversation, the variables will be updated and nothing will be shown to your visitor!

Sep-16-2020 17-07-01.gif

Bug fixes and updates

Store typed responses on live chat

Previously, when you type out a response to a lead but move to another chat before sending that message, you would lose it one you returned. We have updated this so that when you type out a response and don't send it, it will remain their until you either send or remove it.

Live chat message email

Previously our live chat email notification could create a lot of noise in your inbox as a new email could be sent for each new live chat message. We have updated this so you get an email for the first message straight away and then any follow up live chat messages will be batched together in one email. This will reduce the noise of multiple emails but also still give you an instant notification for you to respond to your leads quickly.

IOS notifications

PReviously when the Continually live chat app was running in the foreground, The notifications would not be appearing. We have fixed this so the notifications appear when Continually is running in the foreground and in the background.

Re-align the leads columns

There was a bug that was causing our leads columns to misaligned from their labels. We have fixed this and they should be aligned as expected.

Appointment question on bot preview

There was an issue with our appointment question not displaying correctly on the bot builder preview (not live bots). This issue has been fixed and should appear as expected.

Conditional logic not matching variables

There was a bug that prevented conditional logic from matching a variable when that variable contained a special symbol like Γ€. This has been fixed and should work as expected.

Set your live chat working hours πŸ•

You can now set your company's working hours so your visitors will see when your online or offline regardless of your availability status!

Previously, we checked across your team's status' to determine whether your company was online or offline. This required you to be signed in for us to check your status.

Now, in your availability settings, you can set your company's working hours so you don't have to be signed into Continually to appear online!

How to set your working hours

  1. Go to your live chat inbox
  2. Click on Settings, then Availability
  3. Select Set company's days & hours available
  4. Finally, select your time zone and hours


Elastic Mail

You can now sync any leads you capture with Continually to your Elastic Mail lists!

What can you do?

  • Capture your leads with Continually
  • Choose which bots sync to which list
  • Map the variables on Continually to your custom fields

How do I connect

You can connect your Elastic email account on your apps Apps page. Simply click on the connect button and add your API key which can be found in your Elastic email settings!


Live chat object πŸ’¬

Looking to qualify your leads before offering them the option of live chat? Well, now you can with our new live chat object!


How does it work?

You can add a live chat object anywhere in your conversation. This will then hide the live chat field from your customers until they reach that point!

This means you can ask all the qualifying questions before routing to your live chat object, making sure you only speak to the leads you want!

How do I set live chat on specific bots?

  1. Go to your live chat settings
  2. Set your display option to: Only Show live chat on specific bots when live chat is enabled
  3. Then on your bots page, you can toggle on/off live chat on each bot.

The live chat object will only hide the live chat field for the bot with the object

Full height sidebar 🎨

You can now display your sidebar as full height!

We heard your feedback and added a new option in your sidebar appearance settings that lets you set your sidebar to the full height of the browser!

Check it out for yourself in your settings page


Bug fixes and updates

Add delay on the appointment confirmation email

Previously, when an appointment was made with a customer, we would trigger an appointment email straight away. The problem was if you used variables in your confirmation email, there was not enough time to get the stored answers. So we added a slight delay to give enough time to get the answers stored in any variables used.

Fallback answers in variables not showing in preview

When there is no answer stored for a variable we will display your set fallback answer. The problem was that there was a bug that was preventing any fallback answers from being shown in the preview. This has been fixed and fallback answers should appear as expected.

Encode symbols in the confirmation and reminder email subjects

There was a bug that was preventing the symbols Àâü to be added to the appointment email subjects. This has been fixed.

External API - Store answer in variable option missing

There was a bug with our External API object that was hiding the option to store the answer in a variable. This has been fixed and the option will now be available.

Quick replies preview

There was an issue with the preview for the quick replies widget when using a multiple-choice object. The preview would require you to select an answer on the widget then select the answer again for a second time once the sidebar had opened. This has been fixed and should work after selecting an answer once.

Salesflare, ConverKit & Sendinblue βœ‰οΈ

We added some awesome new email marketing integrations to help you keep your leads in the loop!


What integrations did we add?

  • Salesflare
  • ConvertKit
  • Sendinblue

What can I do with these integrations?

Once you capture any leads with Continually, you can send that lead data over to any of our integrations and then add them to campaigns, mailing lists, groups etc!

Syncing data

You can map all the variables captured from Continually to the different fields in our integrations!

Where do I connect my account?

If you looking to connect any of our integrations with Continually head over to our apps page and click connect on the app you want!