Continually updates
Continually updates

Set your brand color palette 🎨





Customise your palette so you and your team can quickly apply brand colors across Continually!

How it works

Head over to your branding page and set 5 brand colors.


Once you save your color palette, these options will be available on any color picker. For example, styling a widget or sidebar.


Bot agent role 🦾





Looking to make your conversations appear more like a chatbot, whilst still keeping your own personal profile for live chat?

We introduced a new role in your team called Bot agent

You can create a bot agent and customise it's profile to look more like a chatbot.

Once you've finished creating your bot agent, you can go to your bots page and assign it to each bot.


Live chat improvements





Attaching files to saved reply

Always sending the same documents to your visitors? You can now attach files to any of your saved replies.


Assigning agent to a chat using live chat object

Previously our live chat object would only let you control when live chat is available to your visitors. Now you can set which agent you would like to assign to the chat once your visitor reaches this point.

You can select multiple agents to be assigned and we will distribute those visitors out evenly amongst your team.


Display online status on agent assignment

We added online / offline status to our assignment dropdown so you can make sure you're assigning an online agent.

Visitor is typing Copy 5.png

Inbox search bar

We added a search bar to your inbox to help you quickly search for a visitors name to find a previous conversation.


Chat tags 🏷





You can now tag individual chats with your visitors to help organise and categorise your inbox!

How does it work?

  1. Start by clicking the tag icon on your message field
  2. Next, create a new tag and give it a name
  3. You can add that tag to any other chat by clicking the checkbox
  4. Finally, you can add a tag filter to your inbox by clicking All chats and selecting any tag filters you want.


Capture bot ratings ⭐️





We added a new question object called Bot rating. This object asks your visitors for a rating on your bot's conversation.


Each rating is then stored for that bot and your average rating can be viewed on your bots page


Attachments in live chat 📎





You can now send attachments to your visitors in a live chat conversation!

  1. Go to your live chat inbox
  2. On the message field, click on the new paperclip icon
  3. Select the file you want to send
  4. Hit send!

Your visitors will be presented with a button to download any file you send


Send files with your bot 📁

We added a new object that allows you to upload files on your bot's conversation for your visitors to download.

Try it for yourself on one of your bots:

  1. Simply drag in the new Send file object to your canvas
  2. Upload the file you want to send and customise your button
  3. Finally, save and publish!


Archiving bots 🗑





To prevent you from accidentally deleting the wrong bot, we now archive your bot's instead of deleting them.

How to restore bots

You can restore an archived bot by clicking on the bot status filter and selecting Archived. Then you will have the option to Restore this bot which will restore the bot and set it to draft.

Group 3.png

Bug fixes & updates





Show date when hovering over timestamp

You can now hover over timestamps in your live chat inbox to see the date that the message was received

Add last name as custom field

We have added @last_name as one of our default custom fields.

Offline / online live chat message

We fixed a bug causing the automatic offline message to be sent to the visitor inside available hours.

Object search

On our object search menu, we fixed the tag object that was appearing larger in the menu when selected.

Sub account profile

We fixed a bug that was causing the sub account name not to be shown on the sub account profile page.

Fallback widget color

We updated our fallback widget (found in display settings dropdown inside widget section of bot builder) color to automatically inherit your widget's color until you manually change it.

Colouring objects 🎨





You can now color co-ordinate sections of your bot inside your bot builder!

Inside the bot builder select the objects you want to color and then select one of the options in our new color menu!

Combined Shape.png