Big fixes and lot of updates 🔥

Youtube full screen not working

When using a video in your bot's conversation, there was an issue trying to use the full screen option. This has been fixed and should work as expected.

5k Resolution display issue

There was a bug causing some elements of the bot builder to break out of the sidebar when displaying them on 5k resolution. This has been fixed.

No Landing page for teammates

There was a bug preventing us from creating a landing page and assigning a bot to that page for new team members. This has been fixed and should work as expected.

Broken widget layout on bot page

There was a bug causing the widget preview on the bot page to break the layout when using a multiple choice question with the appearance format set to Start bot automatically. This has been fixed and the preview should show the correct layout.

Free text object broken on Firefox browser

There was an issue with our free text input displaying incorrectly when using Firefox. The input was stretched but still functional. This has since been fixed to display at the correct height.

Add date to XLS report

Previously when downloading your XLS report, there was no date for when each conversation took place. We have now added a new column for the date.

Update our checkout page

We no longer accept Discover, Diners club, JCB and Union Pay cards. We added a reminder of this on our checkout page.

Added calendar options to the apps page

We wanted to make the connecting the calendar even easier, so we added it to our apps page where you can easily find it and go to your preferences once connected.

Improve our preview page

We had some issues with our top navigation on the preview page when viewed on a smaller screen. We have improved this page by removing the labels and leaving the icons for smaller screens.

Group 6.png

Organise your bots page 🤖

You can now sort and organize your bots page so that the most important bots are at the top of your bot list.

We added 2 ways you can sort and order your bots:

  • Drag and drop
  • Select position

Note: Any sorting changes will happen across your team

Drag and drop

You can now simply sort your bots by dragging and dropping. You can drag from either the sort icon or the top section of your bot.


Select position

You can also click on the new move icon and select where you want to position your bot in the list!

Combined Shape.png

Lead profile updates 👨‍💼

Use IP address for lead's location 🌎

Once you capture a visitors email, we search for any publicly available information which can sometimes give us the visitors location.

But what if you don't capture that email?

We made an awesome update to give you an insight as to where your leads are coming from by using their IP address to determine a location.

This location based on the IP will be shown on each lead profile until you capture an email and we return more a more accurate location.


Show which device your visitors are using 📱

Mobile, tablet or desktop? Now you can see what device your leads are using when they use Continually. Each conversation on the lead profile will display what device they have used during that conversation.

Combined Shape.png

Show the users IP address

Another feature we added to the lead profile was showing the users IP address. We have plans in the near future to add some functionality around blocking users IP address to stop abusive visitors.

Combined Shape2.png

Filter and search for bots 🔎

Clicking through pages of bots to try and find the one you want..? The struggle is over. We have added filters and a search box for you to quickly find bots.

Filter by the sender

You can filter bots by the sender, so you can choose to see all bots or just your bots or team members bots.

Filter by the live/draft status

You can filter by the status of the bot, this way you can easily find the bot that is in draft mode ready to be pushed live.

Search for the bot by name, targeting rule or message

We added a search option to help to find the right bot straight away. You can easily search for the bots name, but in case you can't remember that you can also search by targeting rules or messages inside the conversation!

Combined Shape.png

Is this bot published? 🤷‍♂️

We made some awesome changes to make it clearer for you to know when your bot has unpublished changes!

Preview notification

One way we are making it clearer is by adding a notification to the bot preview to let you know if the preview has been published to the live site

image (2).png

Published ✔️ label

We also added a label to each of your bots on the bots page to let you know whether your bot is published and up to date.

image (3).png

To find out more about how to publish your bot click here

Awesome appearance update 😎

Choose when you want to revert to a button

We received feedback about customers finding the welcome message repetitive if it was used on multiple pages. It was also frustrating some mobile users who choose to close the welcome message but have it reopen when they go to a new page.

We have solved this issue by giving you the option to choose when you would like to revert your welcome message to a standard button!

image (1).png

Options when to revert to button

After the bot is opened or welcome message is dismissed

This setting means when a customer clicks on your welcome message to open your bot or clicks on the (x) to dismiss the welcome message, we no longer load the welcome message for that bot and we only reload this bot with a standard button.

This will be the default setting.

After first-page load

This setting will only load your welcome message once for your customer. After they load that bot once the welcome message will revert to a standard button when the bot gets re-loaded.


This setting will never revert the welcome message to a button. Simple.

Bug fixes and updates

Getting started teammates page

There was an issue that would occur once you have clicked I'll do this later which was causing the error page to appear. This has not been fixed.

Calendar showing 1 day ahead

There was a bug with some calendar objects where the only available day would be 1 day ahead regardless of the availability settings. This has since been fixed.

No bot selected for landing page

When using a Continually landing page, you need to select which bot you want to be used. Previously, If that bot got deleted, we would have selected a different bot to use on the landing page.

We have updated this so that we don't replace that bot. We add permanent notification to show you that a new bot needs to be selected for your landing page.


More helpful feedback for inviting team members

Each Continually account can only be a team member of one company. This was causing some confusion when trying to invite team members from another team. We added some helpful feedback to our invite modal to help clarify this issue.


Positioning! ⬅️ ➡️

You can now control where Continually appears on your site!

After hearing your feedback, we have added a way to set which side you want your welcome message or button to load on. You can change this setting per bot in the appearance section of your bot!


Note: This setting is set per bot and does not control the side bar

Onboarding improvements

Improve our sign up modal

This week we improved our sign up modal by adding some testimonials and also removing the option to set a profile picture.


FAQ section

To help answer some of those burning questions, we also added a section for FAQ's on each step of the getting started checklist! 🔥


Bug fixes and updates

Exporting large XLS

Previously when trying to export large XLS files, the request may have taken too long and timed out due to the size of the file. We have updated this to prevent timing out when processing large files.

We also added an indicator to let you know how much data has been processed and how much remains.

Combined Shape Copy 2.png

Skipping appointment question

We fixed an issue that occurred when users skipped an appointment question. Previously, after clicking skip your customer would see a message saying their meeting was confirmed. This was not the expected result as they chose to skip rather than book a meeting. We updated this so now when your customer skips, it will show the skip message in the conversation.

Rectangle Copy 10.png

Team member modals

There was an issue with how some of our team member modals where displaying team members names and profile pictures. This has been fixed to display them correctly.

Rectangle Copy 9.png

Showing a button with text when using Conditional logic

There was a bug when trying to display a button with text when conditional logic was the first object in the conversation. The button style would revert to the default button and remove the text. This has been fixed and should work as expected and display the button with text.


Adding a close option for notifications

With some of our notifications, there was no close option to hide them from your dashboard. We have now added an X to allow you to close the notification and hide it forever.

Rectangle Copy 11.png

Remove branding option

We have updated the remove branding option in the Appearance section to give anyone on a paid plan the option to remove branding. Rather than saying "Upgrade to remove branding".

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No published changelogs yet.

Surely Continually will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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