Continually updates
Continually updates

Preview as a visitor 🤖

You can now preview your bot's conversation as one of your visitors. This allows you to fully test any custom fields or conditional logic!

Here is how it works…

By default you are previewing as a new visitor who has no information stored on their profile.

However, now at the bottom of your preview you can click the Preview as option and then select one of your existing leads.

This will then populate any fields with data from that lead's profile.


New multiple choice layout

We added a new multiple choice format that lets you display the answers horizontally like our Buttons format

How do I change my answer layout?

Above your answers there are 4 icons for each of our answer layouts:

  • List
  • Buttons
  • Multiple choice (list)
  • Multiple choice (buttons)


Team notification 🔥

Previously, all you could do with the team notification is customise what the notification said. Then once a visitor reached the object, we would email you that notification.

But now…

You can choose what kind of notification you want!

  • Desktop
  • Slack
  • Email

You can also choose exactly which team members you want to get the notification!


GetResponse integration ⚡️

Grow your audience further with our new GetResponse integration.


What can you do?

  • Capture your leads with Continually
  • Choose which bots sync to which list
  • Map your Continually custom fields to GetResponse

How do I connect

You can connect your GetResponse account on your Apps page. Simply click on the connect button and then authorize your account by signing in.

Once you connect your account you can choose which bots you want to sync and can control all the settings for your integration.

Embed inline bot 🤖

You can now embed bots directly onto your page without needing the sidebar!

We added a new appearance setting called embed inline that lets you embed your Continually bot inside a parent element on your website that has the ID <div id="continually-container">


How does it work?

When we detect the continually-container ID on your page, we will load your bots inside your container rather than displaying the widget and sidebar.

Styling your parent element

You can style your parent element to fit the rest of your brand and website. We recommend that the minimum width of your element should be 380px, height 400px.


Bug fixes & updates

Increase max file size on file upload object

When using a file upload object, our visitors can now upload files up to 5MB.

Add edit billing address

We added a new link on your billing settings page that will allow you to change your billing address.

Unable to same new lead notification settings

We fixed a bug that was preventing your email & notification settings from being saved when adjusting the New lead emails.

Link to content object bug

We fixed a bug that was stopping links from working when added to a link to the content object.

Email error alert bug

We fixed a bug that was triggering email errors to be displayed when there was no issue with the email address.

Sidebar full height on mobile

We adjusted our sidebar to display full height on mobile.

More Font Awesome icons!

Make your multiple-choice answers more interesting by adding a font awesome icon!

We added the full library of icons for you to choose from. So no matter what the question is, there will be an icon to suit your answers!

Jan-27-2021 15-31-07.gif

Custom fields

To make using your visitor's data in a conversation easier, we have re-named our variables feature to Custom fields.

Here are some of the changes to look out for…

New custom field panel

You can now access all your custom fields by clicking the @ symbol in the bot builder. This will open a panel with all your custom fields.

Here you can create custom fields that can be used to store any answers from your visitor's conversation


Using custom fields in messages

Looking to make your conversation more personal by referring to answers or information about your lead? Look for the @ symbol on any text field to add a custom field to your message!


Storing answers in custom fields

We have updated our label from Store answer in variable to now save as custom field.


Set custom field object

What used to be our Set variable value object is now called Set custom field. This object lets you add a set value to any of your custom fields once the visitor reaches the object in your conversation!


Map custom fields for your apps

We have updated our variable mapping section to now be named Map custom fields. Mapping custom fields lets you determine where the data from Continually gets stored in your connected app!

Combined Shape Copy 5.png

Mobile re-designs 📱

Bots page

Our previous bots page was almost unusable on mobile. This fresh re-design lets you find the bot you want easily to control the status and live chat for each bot. Artboard.png

New navigation

We updated our mobile navigation to give you an easy and clear way to get around inside Continually. Artboard.png

Getting started

The steps on our Getting started section was not clear on mobile. So, we added a new home page for getting started and updated each section to give you only the relevant information and make each step easy to complete! Artboard.png

Bug fixes & updates

Move sidebar with scroll on the settings page

We updated our sidebar appearance page in settings so that the sidebar preview will always be visible when you scroll. This way you can see any changes you are making.

Publish tip in bot builder

Previously we had an alert that would show you when you had saved changes that have not been published. This would appear with every change you made in the bot builder. We have updated this so it only appears once for your first change so you don't have to dismiss the alert more than once.

Search for bot using targeting rules

We fixed a bug that was preventing you from searching for bots on your bots page using targeting rules.

Remove empty fields from multiple-choice objects

We updated our multiple-choice object so that when one of your answer fields are empty, we will not show this to the visitor.

Remove use ID from leads page

When an anonymous visitor gets added to your leads page, we show their name and ID number. We have hidden this ID number from the leads page as it was long and distracting.

Set new admin account

We updated our settings to allow you to set a team member as the new admin for your Continually account.

Accept HEX colors without needing #

We updated our color inputs fields in the bot builder and sidebar settings so that you can enter the hex code without needing a #