New profile dropdown

Updated UI to make dropdown more useful

We updated the UI for our profile dropdown. Giving you more options to navigate around Continually and also making swapping to a team member or sub-account much clearer and simpler.


Bug fixes and updates

Live chat app lead section

We updated the UI on our live chat app to improve our lead section:

  • Adjusted the height and spacing on the lead section
  • Moved the lead source to the top of the lead section
  • Moved the IP address from the lead source

Remove content preview from inline messages

We received your feedback about inline content links not displaying correctly in an inline message. We updated this feature so we only send content previews for messages that contain only the URL and no additional text.

Number of seats left indicator

We updated our getting-started page, team members setting page and our sub-accounts page so that each of them show how many available seats you have to invite your team.

Appearance preview bug

There was a bug on the bots page. This was causing the placeholder text on the appearance section to be hidden. We have updated this and your widget should look as expected.

Save button not active

There was a bug one of the sidebar settings pages causing the save button not to become active once a change had been made. This has been fixed and you will be able to save any changes you make.

Live chat - Start new conversation

Let your leads start new conversations

Your visitors can now easily start new conversations from your sidebar home screen by clicking our new 'Start new conversation' button.


How does it work?

In your live chat settings, there is a new option for you to enable this button. Once you have enabled it you are then able to assign any bot to that button. You can also edit the placeholder text and color of the button on our sidebar home screen.


How we recommend using it for live chat

The purpose of this button is to allow returning visitors an easy way to get in touch through live chat without having to return to old conversations. We recommend creating a dedicated bot for this button that welcomes the visitor and then directs them to leave a message in the message field.

Then once you have this bot created you can assign it to the button in your live chat settings.

Live chat saved replies 💪

Keep getting asked the same questions and having to write out the same response? Now you can save time responding to your customers using saved replies.

Heres how simple it is to use:

  1. Create new saved reply
  2. Name your reply something memorable to use it later
  3. Write out your reply and save it
  4. Then use the # keyboard shortcuts to find your reply!

2020-01-06 10.35.39.gif

View full size images

Images can now be viewed!

We heard your feedback and have reviewed how we display images in a conversation. Previously, we were compressing any images added to your bot so that they would be smaller in size and fit in the sidebar.

The problem with that was that your customers couldn't open the full-size image or download the full-size image.

So we reviewed and updated the functionality of our images so your customer can now click on the image to open it in a viewing modal.

They will also be able to open the image in a new tab and download it.

Screenshot 2020-01-06 at 10.57.28.png

Bug fixes and updates

Save button appears when nothing has changed

There was a bug on the widget settings appearance page that was causing the save button to appear without any changes being made. This has since been updated.

Image object layout broken

There was a bug causing the layout to be broken on the edit modal of the image object. This has been fixed and should appear as normal

Live chat conversation on lead profile

There was a bug that would occur when more than 1 teammate joined a live chat conversation. The issue was on the lead profile page, the messages would not show the correct teammate who sent the message. This has been fixed and the message timeline will accurately show who sent which messages.

Side bar preview not showing the correct color

When changing the color of your sidebar in your settings, there would be an issue with the preview not displaying the correct color once you switched to the conversation view. This has been fixed and the color should accurately be displayed in the preview.

Bug fixes and updates

Internal server error on active visitors

There was an internal server error being caused by the Active visitors in the new live chat app when filters were applied. This has been updated and no errors should occur.

Not displaying correct color on widget

There was a bug causing some user's widgets to not display the correct color. This has since been fixed and your widget should always display the color you have selected.

Live chat early access updates 🎉

Close chats automatically

We added a new setting to our live chat app to help you keep control of your inbox without having to manually close each chat.

All you have to do is have the setting enabled and set time period set. Then any chats that haven't had a response in that time period will be automatically closed.

Please note, as soon as you enable this setting it will close any chats without a response in the time period straight away.


Private notes

No need to leave Continually to leave a message for your team mate. You can now leave private notes for your team mates to see in the conversation. These private notes will not been seen by your visitor.

All you have to do to leave a private note is open the chat in your inbox you wish to leave a note on, then click on the private note tab to switch your message field over.


Refine typing animation

We heard feedback from you guys and previously our typing indicator was quite distracting. It was constantly refreshing and would make the messages jump around.

We fixed that by changing the design of the typing indicator and putting it below the message field. This way it does not distrupt the message timeline.

Combined Shape.png

GDPR object

We added a GDPR object to our bot builder

We heard the feedback and requests from you guys wanting a GDPR object and now it's here!

The object is straight forward, you have:

  • A link to share more information on your privacy terms and conditions.
  • A message to explain that they are accepting these conditions.
  • Accept and decline buttons.

Whatever your visitors answer to this object will be stored in their lead profile under GDPR.


Live chat early access updates

Team assigning

We added a new feature that lets you assign yourself or team mates to a chat. This way you can easily see what chats need your attention and which don't. This also means you won't get all the notifications for messages in chats assigned to another team mate.

This new feature has repurposed the team mates avatar in the inbox and also gives you the option to filter your inbox.


Hide automated responses from live chat inbox

Previously we were showing the last message sent in your inbox, this included the automated response. This wasn't helpful as you can't quickly see the live chat message from the visitor. So we have updated it now to only show the live chat message.

Add name of teammate to inbox

At the start of the live chat message in your inbox we now show the name of the person who sent the last message so it should look like "Paul: Hey how can I help". This helps you quickly scan to see who sent the message.