Remove lead tags with your bot 🏷

You can now remove specific tags from your leads during your conversation!

Check it out for yourself by adding a lead tagging object to your conversation and select the new remove tab.

Then simply select the tags you want to remove from the lead's profile!


Invite additional guests to appointments 📆

Looking to get appointments with multiple attendees? We updated our appointment object to give your customers the option of adding multiple guests to an appointment.

Check it out for yourself by opening your appointment object and toggle on the switch for Show option to add attendees


This will then add an option for your users to add multiple attendees to their appointment booking.


Bug fixes & updates

Duplicating bots to sub-accounts

We updated the dropdown list to show the company name of the sub-account rather than the team members' names.

Updated preview in bot builder

We updated our preview to more accurately represent how the sidebar will appear on your site.

Set the max number of choices on a multiple-choice question

You can now limit the number of options your visitors can select for the multi-select option on a multiple-choice question.

Change font color on the multiple-choice object

We updated the font color on our multiple-choice object inside the bot builder to make the answers more legible.

Fix restart object in bot builder

We fixed a bug that was causing both formats for the button to be displayed on the object when viewing your canvas.

Error uploading an audio file

We fixed a bug that was causing an error when trying to upload a file to the audio file object.

Conditional logic & targeting for appointments 📆

Don't want customers double-booking appointments? Now you can tailor your bots and conversations to check whether a visitor has already booked an appointment with our new appointment rule!

Conditional logic

You can add a conditional logic object at any point in your conversation and add our new appointment rule. This means you can direct customers away from any appointment questions if they already have an existing meeting!

  1. Add the conditional logic object
  2. Select the appointment rule
  3. Set the condition to Is booked

This means if the customer has booked an appointment they will be taken down the true path!



Maybe you have a bot dedicated to booking appointments that you like to appear for new visitors? Well, now you can tailor the targeting on that bot further to only show to customers who have not yet booked an appointment!

  1. Select the appointment rule
  2. Set the condition to Is not booked
  3. Publish your bot!


Bug fixes and updates

Mobile app font size

We added a new setting on our Andriod and IOS app that allows you to select the font size for the messages in your live chat inbox. Go to the settings within the app and select your preferred size.

Attach conversation timeline to the team notification email

You can use a team notification object to send out an email to alert your team when a visitor reaches a specific point in the conversation. We updated this email to include the message timeline so you could see what the lead has said up until this point.

Only receive notifications for your appointments

We have updated our email notification settings so that you now only receive emails for the appointments for which you have been selected for. This means you will no longer receive emails for appointments booked with other members of your team.

Save appointment info in a custom variable

There was an issue when trying to store appointment details in a custom variable as it would only store the English version even though the localization settings have been translated. This has been updated and you can now store the localized data.

Save URL from file upload in a custom variable

Previously when trying to save a file upload into a custom variable, we would store "File uploaded" rather than the URL for the file which they uploaded. This has been updated to now store the URL.

Unable to load a picture for the widget

There was a bug that was preventing an uploaded image to your welcome message from loading in the preview. This has been fixed and should work as expected.

Integration improvements 🔥

Zapier - Specify which bots send data on /apps

Currently, we send all the leads together which was limiting what you can do with specific zaps. We have updated this to give additional options when setting up the zap that will allow you to specify which bots send data

Variable mapping UI

For many of our integrations, you can map the variables you capture with Continually to custom fields within the integration. We have updated the styling on these pages to align the fields better with the column label to make it easier to read.

Improve Marketo list selection

Previously, we would display a dropdown of all your lists in Marketo, but thanks to your feedback we found that this was not helpful when lists can be stored in parent folders and organized within Marketo. So we improved our dropdown by adding a search option, parent folders, and also the ID number for each list to help make them easier to find.

Remove Continually branding! 🔥

We have updated our Essentials plan to now allow you to remove the Continually branding! Upgrade now starting from $17 a month!

You can remove our branding across:

  • Notification emails
  • Widget
  • Sidebar
  • Landing pages

Upgrade now →

Group Copy.png

Please note that the Essentials plan does not allow you to upload your own custom branding. For custom branding, you will need to upgrade to the Business plan

See all our pricing plans →

Set limit on sub account's seats ⚡️

You can now control the number of teammates your sub-accounts are able to add by setting a seat limit!

How to set seat limit

  1. Go to your sub-account settings
  2. Find the sub-account you want to set the limit on and click View sub-account
  3. Set the number of seats you want to allocate to this sub-account


Target visitors by last seen 👀

Looking to target visitors based on when they last visited your site? Now you can with our new Last seen targeting rule!

  1. Simply select the Last seen rule
  2. Set the condition you want e.g Before, From, After, Between, Is not between
  3. Then select the dates from the dropdown

Then when we go to load your bot, we check when your visitor last visited, to see if they match your set rule!


Bug fixes and updates

Emojis not displaying in the text field

When editing an object in the bot builder, there was a bug that was preventing emojis from being displayed in the text area after selecting one from the dropdown. This has been fixed and should appear as expected.

Quick replies widget

There was an issue with our quick replies widget layout breaking when the options on the multiple-choice question were too long. This has been fixed.

Adjusting columns on leads page

Previously, you could customize the columns displayed on your leads page and then save your changes. The problem was that these changes would not appear until the page has been refreshed. This has been fixed and columns will appear after saving.

Audio file object

If your conversation contains more than one audio file, we have fixed this so that your visitors can only play one audio file at a time.

Add border to fields in focus

To make answer fields more noticeable we added a black border to the field when they are in focus.

Active visitors list

In the active visitors' list, there was a bug that was causing visitors who visited more than 24 hours ago to still appear on that list. This has been fixed and only visitors from the last 24 hours will appear here.