Continually updates
Continually updates

Closing conversations

We have added a new range of features around closing conversations to help you manage your live chat inbox. All these new features will be controlled on our new closing conversations page.

How to close conversations

There are 3 ways the status of a conversation can be set to closed:

  • Visitor reaches the end of a bot conversation
  • Closing the conversation in your live chat inbox
  • Automatically closing after X amount of time since last response

Sidebar settings

We added a range of sidebar settings to help you manage when you want to speak with your visitors.

  • Hide closed conversations from sidebar
  • Disable live chat field after conversation is closed
  • Show notification after conversation is closed

All of these things control your visitors experience with your bots and live chat.


Visitor closing chat

We also added the option for your visitor to manage their conversations on your sidebar by allowing them to close chats directly on the home screen

What happens in live chat inbox?

When a visitor closes the chat the status will be updated and moved to the closed folder.


Bug fixes & updates

Option to disable good meet link

Google started automatically generating Google Meet links for every appointment that is added into the calendar. So we added a checkbox in your calendar settings that prevents this link from being added to your calendar invite.

Sidebar header

We made a few design changes to our sidebar. We removed the background from the close button and repositioned the restart button to the header of the sidebar.

Slovenia added to list of countries in targeting

We added Slovenia as an option on our list of countries for targeting.

Fix inline embed to work with min-width and min-height

Previously, when you wanted to embed your bot inline with your HTML, the container for your bot would need a set height and width and would not work with a min-height or min-width. We have updated this to work with either option.

Live chat improvements 🔥

Live chat settings

We updated the layout of our live chat settings to help make it clear which settings will be affecting your company or just your profile.

Untitled 2.png

Renaming active visitors

We have renamed active visitors to Visitors using bot to help make it clear what this section of inbox is.


Move live chat localisation options

We had some live chat fields that could be updated on the localisation page. We found that this was difficult to find so we moved it directly into it's own section within the live chat settings.


Lead source update

In the profile section within the live chat inbox, we updated the lead source so that it is easier to scan and we also update the URL's to show the ending rather than the beginning of the link.


New bot loading behaviour 🤖

We updated how our bots load to give your visitors the freedom to move throughout your site and still stay engaged in their conversations.

The problem was that a lead could be fully engaged with your bot or chatting with your team but could still be easily lost if they move to another page within your site that has no bot targeting the URL.

The visitor would go to the new URL expecting to continue their conversation but because there is no bot targeting that page, they have no way of accessing their past conversations.

What we changed ⚡️

We updated this so that when that lead moves to another page that doesn't have a bot targeting it, the widget will still be shown for their previous conversation.

This means visitors can move freely around your site and continue their past conversations on any page that has your embed code installed.

What if there is a second bot on the page they move to? 🤔

If your visitor engages with a bot and moves to another page on your site that has a different bot targeting the URL. The bot targeting that page will have priority and will load as expected.

Preview as a visitor 🤖

You can now preview your bot's conversation as one of your visitors. This allows you to fully test any custom fields or conditional logic!

Here is how it works…

By default you are previewing as a new visitor who has no information stored on their profile.

However, now at the bottom of your preview you can click the Preview as option and then select one of your existing leads.

This will then populate any fields with data from that lead's profile.


New multiple choice layout

We added a new multiple choice format that lets you display the answers horizontally like our Buttons format

How do I change my answer layout?

Above your answers there are 4 icons for each of our answer layouts:

  • List
  • Buttons
  • Multiple choice (list)
  • Multiple choice (buttons)


Team notification 🔥

Previously, all you could do with the team notification is customise what the notification said. Then once a visitor reached the object, we would email you that notification.

But now…

You can choose what kind of notification you want!

  • Desktop
  • Slack
  • Email

You can also choose exactly which team members you want to get the notification!


GetResponse integration ⚡️

Grow your audience further with our new GetResponse integration.


What can you do?

  • Capture your leads with Continually
  • Choose which bots sync to which list
  • Map your Continually custom fields to GetResponse

How do I connect

You can connect your GetResponse account on your Apps page. Simply click on the connect button and then authorize your account by signing in.

Once you connect your account you can choose which bots you want to sync and can control all the settings for your integration.

Embed inline bot 🤖

You can now embed bots directly onto your page without needing the sidebar!

We added a new appearance setting called embed inline that lets you embed your Continually bot inside a parent element on your website that has the ID <div id="continually-container">


How does it work?

When we detect the continually-container ID on your page, we will load your bots inside your container rather than displaying the widget and sidebar.

Styling your parent element

You can style your parent element to fit the rest of your brand and website. We recommend that the minimum width of your element should be 380px, height 400px.


Bug fixes & updates

Increase max file size on file upload object

When using a file upload object, our visitors can now upload files up to 5MB.

Add edit billing address

We added a new link on your billing settings page that will allow you to change your billing address.

Unable to same new lead notification settings

We fixed a bug that was preventing your email & notification settings from being saved when adjusting the New lead emails.

Link to content object bug

We fixed a bug that was stopping links from working when added to a link to the content object.

Email error alert bug

We fixed a bug that was triggering email errors to be displayed when there was no issue with the email address.

Sidebar full height on mobile

We adjusted our sidebar to display full height on mobile.