Continually updates
Continually updates

Set limits on open questions ⚡️

New formats

On our open question object, you can now choose which kind of format you want your visitors input to have. We added:

  • Text only (No special characters e.g @#!)
  • Numbers only

Character limit

We added a new setting that allows you to limit the number of characters in your visitors response.

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Number range

When using our new Numbers only format, we also added a toggle that lets you set a number range for your customers to choose between.

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Renaming our Appearance section

We have a section within our bot builder that allows you to customise how you want your bot to first appear to your visitors.

This element that engages your visitors and opens your bot is what we call a widget.

To help make it clear that this section of the bot builder is for customising your widget, we renamed it from Appearance to Widget


Bot preview 🔥

Live & draft

We updated our preview to now let you choose between:

  • Live (The last published version of your bot)
  • Draft (The last edited version of your bot)

Additional website screenshot

Previously when capturing website screenshots, we would have 2 screenshots, 1 for desktop and 1 for mobile viewing.

We have added an additional screenshot for larger screens!


Easily make your preview private

We have updated the option to make the preview private for only your team members.

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Control live chat on your bots page

We heard your feedback and made some changes to our live chat settings. Previously, there were too many controls for when and where to display live chat for your visitors.

Display options

We used to have 2 settings for displaying live chat:

  • Display on all bots
  • Display on specific bots

We have removed this from the live chat settings and now each one of your bots will have their own live chat switch so you can easily choose which bots you want to have live chat.


On / Off switch

Live chat used to have 1 primary control that would overwrite all other settings which was the on/off switch.

We found this didn't need to be a primary control and that it was easier to control when live chat was on by using the display option on the bots page and setting your availability.

So we removed this switch and replaced it with a Disable live chat switch which can be found in your live chat settings

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Choosing an agent for your bot 💬

When creating a bot, you need to decide which agent on your team is the going to be used for the conversation.

Choosing the agent will:

  • Use their name & avatar for the message
  • Send notifications to that account

You can select which agent's profile you want to use by selecting it in our new Agent dropdown on the bots page.


Bug fixes & updates

Using multiple-choice object with quick reply widget

When using a multiple-choice object for your quick reply widget, the answer your visitor selects on the widget would not be displayed in the sidebar. This has been fixed.

Firefox input fields

There was an issue with some of our input fields when viewing a bot on Firefox. This has been updated and the input fields should appear the correct height.

Automatic responses not working

We found a bug that was causing the online Automatic reply to be sent even when your team were appearing offline.

Wordpress update

We updated our Wordpress plugin with the latest version of Wordpress.

Select role on the team members page

We updated our team members settings page & the team member's profile page to show all the available roles.

ActiveCampaign field mapping ⚡️

To help get your Active Campaign integration up and running quickly, we now have the option to automatically map your custom fields!

We take the name of the custom field in Continually and search your to find a matching field in ActiveCampaign to pair it with.

If we don't find a corresponding field, we give you the option to create one in ActiveCampaign!

To also help you navigate through your fields, we broke them into categories:

  • Custom fields
  • Visitor attributes
  • Visitor context
  • Bot information

Closing conversations

We have added a new range of features around closing conversations to help you manage your live chat inbox. All these new features will be controlled on our new closing conversations page.

How to close conversations

There are 3 ways the status of a conversation can be set to closed:

  • Visitor reaches the end of a bot conversation
  • Closing the conversation in your live chat inbox
  • Automatically closing after X amount of time since last response

Sidebar settings

We added a range of sidebar settings to help you manage when you want to speak with your visitors.

  • Hide closed conversations from sidebar
  • Disable live chat field after conversation is closed
  • Show notification after conversation is closed

All of these things control your visitors experience with your bots and live chat.


Visitor closing chat

We also added the option for your visitor to manage their conversations on your sidebar by allowing them to close chats directly on the home screen

What happens in live chat inbox?

When a visitor closes the chat the status will be updated and moved to the closed folder.


Bug fixes & updates

Option to disable good meet link

Google started automatically generating Google Meet links for every appointment that is added into the calendar. So we added a checkbox in your calendar settings that prevents this link from being added to your calendar invite.

Sidebar header

We made a few design changes to our sidebar. We removed the background from the close button and repositioned the restart button to the header of the sidebar.

Slovenia added to list of countries in targeting

We added Slovenia as an option on our list of countries for targeting.

Fix inline embed to work with min-width and min-height

Previously, when you wanted to embed your bot inline with your HTML, the container for your bot would need a set height and width and would not work with a min-height or min-width. We have updated this to work with either option.

Live chat improvements 🔥

Live chat settings

We updated the layout of our live chat settings to help make it clear which settings will be affecting your company or just your profile.

Untitled 2.png

Renaming active visitors

We have renamed active visitors to Visitors using bot to help make it clear what this section of inbox is.


Move live chat localisation options

We had some live chat fields that could be updated on the localisation page. We found that this was difficult to find so we moved it directly into it's own section within the live chat settings.


Lead source update

In the profile section within the live chat inbox, we updated the lead source so that it is easier to scan and we also update the URL's to show the ending rather than the beginning of the link.